How to add Signature to Hotmail

How to Add Signature to Hotmail Account By Simple Easy Steps

It is always remembered that no email is finished without a signature. In the same way, in the Hotmail account or Windows Live, users can easily setup their signature to look attractive. Means, the users can add digital signatures to their Hotmail account at the bottom of their email messages and gives a custom look to their message, and it will be attached to all their messages automatically when they compose a message. Users can make their signature by adding numerous things, such as their name, company name, company job title, company website address or their personal contact number and other things. Hotmail offers users a plenty number of fonts & font sizes to build their signature more lucrative as well as the readability purpose for their viewers.

So, if you are one of those Hotmail users who is facing the same issue or you wants to know how you can add a signature to your Hotmail account, then you can walk through by steps to solve this issue.

How to Add Signature to Hotmail ?

Here's are the steps, please follow it.

  • First of all, sign into your Hotmail account.
  • Open the Hotmail inbox.
  • At the upper right hand of the screen, go to "Options" section.
  • WHit on the "More options" and select the "Hotmail Options" pane.
  • In the "Writing email" section, click on the "Message font and signature" link which will display two panes.
  • Go to lower pane, labeled "Personal signature," to add a signature.
  • Choose "Rich text" from the "Mode" drop-down menu list beside the button showing the letter "A" & a red underline.
  • Next, you have to type your signature in the pane. You can also customize your signature by just choosing the font (Arial, Times New Romans or others) and font size (12 and others).
  • You can also add “Align text left” and “Insert a line” to adjust the layout.
  • When you finish, then Click "Save" button.
  • Next, hit the “go to inbox” link to open the “Inbox” pane.
  • Now user can compose a new message by just clicking on the “New” which will show a message with the digital signature.

If you are facing any doubt or technical problem to follow the above steps, then you can get comprehensive support & help by connecting tech support expert team, as they are available 24x7 days for your help. The technicians will give you the best quality support and guidance to fix your Hotmail issues or errors

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