Change name on British Airways Ticket

How Does nme Change Process Works on British Airways

Passengers often get their name mentioned incorrectly on their flight tickets while getting them booked in a rush or via a travel agent.. However, many airlines do provide their name change name correction policy to help its passengers avoid such inconvenient situation.

Now, when passengers look to change name on British Airways ticket, they often face confusion on how to do so. So, if you have recently booked your flight tickets on British Airways and want to change your name then here’s what you need to know.

Important Guidelines from the name Correction Policy of British Airways

The following are the major guidelines that will help you to change name on British Airways ticket easily.

  • In exceptional circumstances, British Airways lets you make changes  in your name of up to three letters
  • For making changes in passport/marriage cases, you can make changes via calling on the British Airways reservation centre but charges will be applicable

For making name change requests for up to 3 letters/characters on BD operated flights should be made via contacting the call centre. The administration fee will be chargeable and is mentioned as follows:

  • For UK/IE call centre: £45 or €50
  • For North America call centre: $60

For making name change request after marriage/divorce to match your name on your passport can be made via contacting the call centre on a BD operated flight. Besides, you’ll need to submit supporting evidence/documentation to the airlines along with your requests and an administration fee of £45.

Moreover, if you wish to make changes in your name online then have a look at the steps here on how to change name on British Airways ticket.

Steps to Change Name of British Airways Flight Ticket 

  • Head over to the official website of British Airways in your web browser and switch to the Manage tab
  • Here, enter the required credentials, select the find my booking option  and then click on the Edit button on your booking

Now, follow the onscreen instructions to change name on British Airways ticket and for further details, contact customer services and talk to the expert.


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