Icelandair manage my booking

Manage booking services of the IcelandAir

IcelandAir makes sure to keep the needs of its passengers in mind so that they don't face any problem while booking or traveling. And for all such services related to the reservations of Iceland Air can be availed through the manage my booking service. To find out about these services in detail, tap below.

How to do manage booking in IcelandAir

The simplest method of finding the  Icelandair manage my booking  is to visit the official website and look for the manage booking tab. And as you click on it, several issues related to the booking can be fixed by picking any of the links.

Services of IcelandAir's manage booking

If passenger traveling by Iceland Air faces any issue in the booking, then he/she can directly approach to the  Icelandair manage my booking  option and make all the necessary changes. To find more, tap below.

  • If your trip has been postponed or called off, then you can simply go to the manage booking option of Iceland Air and cancel all the bookings of the flight.
  • Or if you want to change the date of traveling or the destination, you can reach out to the manage booking.
  • You can also reserve seats or upgrade your cabin as well as check the baggage policy of the airline.
  • Apart from this, you can do an online check-in with manage booking if you don't want to stand in the line at the airport. You can also request for a refund once you have canceled your flights.
  • If you want to add any special specification in the flight such as carrying babies or meals/drinks then approach the manage booking tab.

And that's all for every possible service of Icelandair manage my bookingIn case of any doubt, contact the customer care team of the airline. 



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