Air India Manage my Booking

How to manage Air India bookings?

Air India is a popular Indian airline in the public sector connecting India with all other countries around. It’s totally oblivious that a lot of passengers pick up the Air India flight to travel to and from India. And because of this, a lot of passengers check up on their bookings before flying. For any such flight-related query or changes to be made in the Air India booking, you can check the ‘manage booking’ section of the Air India.

Manage booking section of the Air India manage my booking

If you are a little perplexed related to your Air India bookings then you can refer to the Air India manage booking section. All you have to do is feed your booking number and the updated status of your flight will be right on the screen. To find out how it works, tap below.

Steps to access Manage booking of Air India

1.To get through the ‘manage booking ‘services of Air India, first of all, open the website of Air India and tap on the manage booking section.

2.As the page loads, you will be asked to enter your booking number for the security purpose and after this mention the name of the passenger.

3.Once done, you will be given the updated flight details. Once found, now from here, you can pick one option.

4.You can pick one option from the links given below as to how you would like to modify your flight bookings.

Types of services in the Manage booking section of Air India

In case your trip gets canceled ever, then you can always cancel your flight bookings in the Air India. To cancel the flight booking in Air India, you can go to the ‘manage booking’ section and follow the necessary steps. Once your flight booking gets canceled, you can also apply for the flight refund.

1.Often we change our trip schedule. In case your trip gets updated, you can change your flight booking by modifying the date of the journey, destination, or correcting the passenger name.

2.Moving on, if your flight is delayed then you can check on the updated time through the manage booking section.

3.Also if you are willing to upgrade your flight seats or pick your own seats before the flight takes off then you can simply do that with manage booking.

4.You can even do Web check-in 24 hours before the flight takes off with the help of manage the booking link.

And that’s how to do Air India manage my booking. For further inquiries, you can contact the customer care team of the airline by call or mail.


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