Hotmail Account not Working

Find the ways to fix if Hotmail Account not Working

Hotmail is one of the best web mail services provider all around the world. With the Hotmail user can perform many activities like sending mails, receiving mails but there are times when they complain about getting issues or Hotmail account not working while working with it. So in that case follow the below steps to fix the Hotmail account easily.

How do i fix if my Hotmail account not working

Below are all the ways by which you can easily fix the Hotmail account not working problem.

Check The Server Status- It is advised that you review the server status first and check whether it is down or not. Your Hotmail won't work because of the server down problem. It is also easier to check the server out immediately in order to ensure there is no fault from the server side.

Troubleshoot Your Browser- You would not be able to load your Hotmail website and work with this email service if the browser you are using is corrupt. So, first search your web browser. To address browser specific bugs, like Disable Your Browser History, Delete the browser's cookies, Browser Restore

Check Network Settings- If your device is not wired to the internet correctly, so there is a strong risk that the Hotmail problem will not work. So, it is recommended that you search your internet connection immediately. Try to reset your modem, router, and machine if there is no network link and wait for a few minutes. Try using your Hotmail after that, it can be loaded now and you can function freely.

Ensure that you have entered Correct Username And Password- Your Hotmail account will not function because of Hotmail sign-in complications, such as when you enter an inappropriate username or password. So, first, make sure you are right and acceptable for the username and password you have typed. If you have lost your password, just reset the password. You won't get this kind of error until you have the proper details relevant to your Hotmail account.

These were all the ways through which Hotmail account can be fixed if it is not working properly, if still you are having issues with Hotmail account not working, then do not hesitate and dial the toll-free number, a representative will get connected to you and provide you all the solutions through which you can easily fix the issue. Hotmail customer service is one of the best all around the world.  


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