How do i fix if my computer not working after installing RAM

What Should I Do To Fix The Computer Not Working After Installing RAM Issue?

Those who run the low RAM computer find many difficulties. For this reason, they install the additional RAM into the system. With this, you can make the video editing fast, enhance gaming efficiency, and run the browser fast. Sometimes a person finds that their computer not working after installing ram, if you are facing the same issues, then you can direct some methods to fix the problem fast. 

Below you can read about some basic methods that are easy to direct, and you can expect a prompt solution. 

Ways to fix computer not working after installing RAM 

Set the memory voltage correctly 

Yes, it is the most significant thing that you should know. Whenever you are installing the additional RAM, make sure you set the voltage correctly. If you have made a mistake with this, then you might find that the computer or system is not working. Now, put the voltage against the installing RAM, and then restart the whole system. In this, you can take support from the experts too, which makes the process easy to direct. 

Install the New RAM 

If you are continuously facing the same issue, then there will be some problem with the installed RAM. Now, it would be better if you install the new RAM. There are specific steps that you need to follow are covered below:

  1. First of all, make sure you unplugged the entire power source 
  2. Next, click on the power button and hold for at least 30 second 
  3. Now plug power as the whole source and boot the system 
  4. If you have connected your system with the Graphic card, then plug the monitor with this 
  5. Further, run the whole restart of the system with the new install RAM 
  6. So in this way you can solve the computer not working after installing ram issue fast. Make sure you run each and every step. 

Operate the system with the latest Operating System 

Even after performing the methods mentioned above, you are not getting the solution; you should go with this method. Here you need to remove the operating system and replace this with the new one. With this, you can manage the issue as sometimes installed RAM is not compatible with the current OS or operating system. Though in some cases, it works, but it relies on the size of the installed RAM. With this method, you can deal with the various issues and make the system updated and run the process and operate different applications in a single time. So it would be a great option for you to do this process. 

Now, you can see how easily you can deal with the issue and that fast too. Assure yourself you perform the method as mentioned earlier to get rid of computer not working after installing ram issue. The major benefit of these steps is that you can manage them by yourself. Though there may be some complex situations too, in that case, you can rely on the customer service team too. They can better assist you with the best and real-time solution. 

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