Computer not booting to bios

How to fix the error of computer not booting bios?

While working on computers, we all need to make sure they are working fine. But sometimes, because of some technical error, a lot of people face problems while logging in. Such types of errors happen which results in computers getting stuck. But such errors happen while you try to log in to the computer.

Fixing the issue of computer not booting

There are so many instances when users sat in front of the computer and tried to log in but found the computer not booting to Bios. In such a scenario, the computer needs a little bit of troubleshooting with which they can fix the BIOS settings. Here are some steps to fix the issue.

Steps to fix the Computer not booting to bios 

 Check the power issue

Sometimes while you try to log in to your device, the power button does not work. This might happen if there is no power supply in your device or if it’s not charged enough. Unplug your device and put it back in the socket for the power supply. In case you use a laptop for working then make sure you have put the cable in a correct USB which has a power supply. This way the computer not booting to bios setup will be fixed.

Remove all the cables and wires

1.A complete computer set up has a lot of connecting devices and wires. And if in case the device gets the booting issue, you might need to check all the cable settings. 

2.Turn off all the peripheral units and disconnect the power cord in the AC power source. And at last, remove the computer cover.

 Now find the battery on the board. And with the help of a screwdriver, gently remove it from the connector.

3.Moving on, now if it’s connected to an onboard header with the wire then disconnect the wire from the onboard header.

4.You can wait for an hour and then reconnect the battery.

5.Put the computer cover back and you can easily plug all the cables and wires back.

Reset Bios to factory defaults

1.If the issue still persists then you can reset the settings back to the factory default.

2.For this, once the device starts booting, press F2.

3.Now press 9 for the default mode.

4.And once done, now press F10 to save and exit.

And hence you are done with the settings to fix the issue of the computer not booting to bios. In case of any doubt or issue related to the device settings, you can reach out to the computer support team for the solution.

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