Austrian Airlines Cancellation Policy

Insights on the Cancellation Policy of Austrian Airlines

Cancellation of any flight tickets can be quite unavoidable under various circumstances and this is why Austrian Airlines has comes up with its own flight cancellation policy to make your travel plans considerably better. The airline’s services including its cancellation policy often meet the expectations of its passengers worldwide.

Even though the flight cancellation may seem complicated but the Austrian Airlines has made it clear to its passengers to carry on with their travel plans without any interruptions that may caused by the cancellation procedure. Listed below are the important rules and regulations from the Austrian Airlines cancellation policy that you should follow while requesting a cancellation of the purchased ticket.

    • Austrian Airlines has made it easy for its passengers to make any quick changes in their flight cancellation with its 24 hours cancellation policy. The passengers will also get a full refund for cancelling their flight tickets if done within 24 hour before the scheduled flight departure time.
    • The cancellation charges imposed by Austrian Airlines on its flight cancellation are minimalistic as a small percentage is deducted from the flight ticket original fare. However, rest of the amount is refunded back to your account and you’ll also be updated with the refund process until it is done.
    • Austrian Airlines cancellations also depend on the destination of travel and other factors that are considered while the cancellation process goes on. This can include the cancellation date and the fare policy that needs to be applied to the flight ticket.

Hence the aforementioned guidelines are the important ones from the Austrian Airlines cancellation policy. Passengers can make your flight cancellations and then the refund request online on the airline’s official website in the My Bookings section.

Contact Customer Services To Know More About Cancellations And Refunds: Austrian Airlines

Passengers can always rely on the customer services executive at Austrian Airlines, if you ever stumble upon any kind of issues, queries, doubts on the important guidelines of airline. So, feel free to get in touch with them to know more about the Austrian Airlines cancellation policy & refunds.

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