How can I speak to Someone about My Hotmail Account

Getting any kind of sudden technical issue when using your Hotmail account? Then you don’t need to worry at all as you can directly speak to someone to resolve your problems. Users can simply send and receive their important emails to their contacts in a simple and secure way. But there are many users who confront numerous technical issues when using their Hotmail account that can be fixed by contacting someone. But there are lots of users confused about how can i speak to someone about my hotmail account to resolve the varied technical issues related to Hotmail account.

What kind of issues can be fixed by talking to someone at Hotmail?

Whenever you get in touch with someone at Hotmail, you will get reliable assistance to resolve all kinds of problems that you face when using your Hotmail account. The team of professionals is capable enough to fix all sorts of issues of Hotmail. If don’t know how can i speak to someone about my hotmail accountand what kind of issues can be resolved, then you will get the assistance on below issues:

  • Account recovery issues.
  • Problems while signing in.
  • Unable to send and receive emails.
  • Configuration errors.
  • Account hacking issues.
  • Unable to sign up.

What are the Different Ways to Talk to Someone at Hotmail?

Resolving the issues of Hotmail account by talking to someone is one of the best ways and if you can directly talk through the varied ways. If you want to know how can i speak to someone about my hotmail account, then you can follow the below methods:

Via Online Chat: You can simply opt for the online chat option( click on where you can chat with someone at Hotmail and get the required assistance over the chat. You may also make a request to talk to a professional at Hotmail.

Via Email: BY dropping an email to Hotmail at after describing your issues or queries, you can also talk to someone at Hotmail as you will get an instant revert after getting the email where you can easily talk to someone at Hotmail.

Via Phone: If you don’t know how can i speak to someone about my hotmail account, then you can make a phone call on their helpline toll-free number  1-(800) 892 5234 and directly talk to someone to resolve all sorts of queries n a very simple manner.

Use automated voice call to speak to someone at Hotmail account:

If you want to speak to someone at Hotmail account using automated call, learn the basic trick provided by live person now.

  • At first, launch an internet browser and visit the Hotmail account sign-in page and enter a certain email address and password to access.
  • Go to the settings and click on the help and support page showing on the same and select contact resources like email address, phone call, chat service, and remote assistance.

In case you want to speak to someone using an automated call, you must select a phone call and dial the number (800) 642 7676 / (800) 892 5234 (TTY) (USA/Canada) and wait for the Automated voice prompt, now follow below process:

  1. Press 1 to select the language.
  2. Press 2 to select the queries for which you want a solution
  3. Press 3 to continue
  4. Press 4 to speak to someone at Hotmail account simply.

Support hours:

When it comes to using automated calls to speak to customer service representatives, you must be aware of the business hours would be from 8 am to a pm and the days would be on Monday to Friday. You are always free to speak to someone at given times and days and get excellent tech support service at any time simply.  

User’s Similar Queries

Question : What are the process to Access My Hotmail Account as i have not used it from the long time?

Reply :

If you haven't used your Hotmail account for a long time, you may face some issues while using it. But before doing anything else, you should simply try to log in to your account using the login credentials. In case you forget the password, you can follow the given steps:

  • Open the password reset page of Hotmail.
  • There you should enter the email address and click Continue.
  • Further, you may see some options to recover your account, choose any, and verify your ownership.
  • Next, you get password reset options, create and confirm the new password.
  • Moreover, if you face any problem, contact the customer support team over a phone call.

Question : What are the methods to Contact MSN Hotmail by Phone?


  • If you are wondering about contacting customer service to resolve the issues that you see with your MSN Hotmail account, you should make a phone call.
  • Also, you can get assistance through a live chat representative who will provide you all information to fix the issues.

Besides, you can send an email to the customer support team and get complete and reliable support. Now, you won't wonder how can I speak to someone about my Hotmail account as you know the way to contact them. So, make a phone or request a live chat to get help from the experts.

Question: How to Get My Hotmail Account Back?

Reply :

It has been observed due to inactivity on a Hotmail account for 365 days, the account may be deactivated by the company. So, it is always recommended to you use your account once in a while. Aside from this, if your email account also has been deactivated and want to regain access to your Hotmail account, you can do that without much of a stretch.

Moreover, if you wonder how can I speak to someone about My Hotmail account to get my account back, you don't need to worry about it. All you need is to make a phone call and the customer service team representative will help you to let your account access back. Once you provide the information verifying the ownership of the account, you will be able to use your Hotmail account.

Besides, you can try to perform the password reset when you are not able to access your account. In this way, you create a new account password and that makes it easy to use a Hotmail account.

Question:What is Hotmail Called Now?

Reply :

Since 2011, Hotmail is an offering of Microsoft. And the email service can be used from the platform Outlook. You can visit to avail all the Hotmail account services. Though Hotmail has been replaced with Outlook, you still can use its services with a simple login.

Now, you can understand Outlook is a kind of Hotmail but it's not Hotmail. Outlook also provides you email services. So, use your Hotmail account as Outlook.

Question: Is It Worth to take Hotmail Live Person Help?


It depends on your choice of making calls. If you see any problem while using your Hotmail account and you need help to fix it, you can contact the live person. Aside from this, if you wonder how can I speak to someone about My Hotmail account then, there are multiple ways to contact them. Among several methods to contact customer service, calling over a phone call is the best option. It provides you with help immediately without much of a stretch. So, dial the helpline number and use Hotmail flawlessly.

 Alternative Ways to Contact Hotmail Live Person Customer Service

  • All countries- (800) 892 5234 (TTY)
  • Algeria- 21 89 10 70
  • Ghana- 860 22 55 67
  • Kenya- 20 2868800
  • Nigeria- 191 25 070
  • South Africa- 0860 22 55 67
  • India- (0)80 4010 3000,1 800 572 1100,1 800 102 1100
  • Indonesia- 001 8030167966, 0078030160575
  • Japan- 0120 54 2244
  • Singapore- 800 1013659
  • Australia- 13 20 58
  • New Zealand- 0800 800 004, 9 368 5680
  • Aruba- 305 418 9136, 305 418 9137
  • Bahamas- 1 800 389 0489
  • Barbados- 1 866 993 9304
  • Belize- 305 418 9146
  • Curaçao- 00 1 866 543 2085
  • Costa Rica- 0800 016 1034
  • Guatemala- 1 800 300 0069
  • United States- (800) 642 7676/ (800) 892 5234 (TTY)
  • U.S. Virgin Islands- 1 877 678 8033
  • United Arab Emirates- 8000 2000
  • Brazil- 0800 761 7454
  • Colombia- 305 418 9143
  • Guyana- 305 418 9136
  • Falkland Islands- 305 418 9137

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