Does JetBlue Airlines accept rapid Covid test

What is Jetblue Airlines Covid Guidelines

JetBlue is one of the top-rated airlines. JetBlue has proved itself as one of the safest airlines during this pandemic outbreak. If you plan to travel with JetBlue during these covid times, you must consider the covid guidelines that JetBlue has introduced. People have many doubts during these covid times, like does JetBlue airlines accept rapid test?  Or not, what are things to carry while traveling etc.? You will get to everything about covid -19 and JetBlue in this blog.

Safety measures are taken by JetBlue from the ground up

When traveling with JetBlue during this pandemic situation, you can be confident with JetBlue. As JetBlue provide multi-layered safety starting form guidance from the CDC to infectious disease specialist.

  1. JetBlue encourages its crewmembers to get vaccinated and provide paid sick leaves.
  2. JetBlue provides more space to avoid touch, like a lot of space between seat rows, Digital payment, etc.
  3. The airline regularly disinfectant the common areas and hospital-grade HEPA air filtration on board etc.
  4. JetBlue provides travel flexibility, like eliminating change and canceling fees for most of the fares, hence helping passengers avoid traveling in case of any health issue.
  5. JetBlue has also made some rules regarding the usage of the mask. As per you have to wear mask properly to cove mouth and nose completely

As per federal law, if you are two years old or older, you must wear masks all the time, including boarding, at the airport, deplaning, etc. If you fail to follow this law, you will have to deny boarding, removed from the plane. And you might also have to pay the penalty.
Items restricted while traveling JetBlue during covid

Following are the recreational items and personal protective equipment, which are restricted when traveling via JetBlue

  1. Personal tents or pods
  2. Any personal air purifier or freshener or any item that generate ozone
  3. Any mask which is connected to tubing or any battery-operated filter
  4. Any item that can put others at risk and any device prohibited by federal regulation

Testing guidelines for JetBlue passengers

Does JetBlue airlines accept rapid tests? Yes, JetBlue accepts rapid tests as per JetBlue testing guidelines. If you travel to the U.S., then as per the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and prevention. There are some documents that you must carry to present at airports, which are as below.

  1. If had covid, you must carry proof of recovery from Covid-19
  2. You should have a negative PCR or antigen viral test; done within three days before departure, and else you will be denied boarding.
  3. You must have documentation of a negative covid test that includes nucleic acid amplification test that is AATs or an antigen test with results showing NEGATIVE. If you have an antibody test, it will not be accepted.
  4. Also, you should have a printed and signed form that states that all the information presented is accurate.
  5. Apart from this, the airline is also offering at-home and at destination tastings. You can now access vaults at home or your destination, saliva-based tests. The result will be declared in 48-72 hours. You can access the rapid molecular and PCR testing at XpresCheck locations.

Does JetBlue airlines accept rapid tests?  So reading the information, you must have got the answer to your query. Apart from this, you can also speak to the JetBlue customer support team before traveling to get more information.

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