Can you change your Spirit Flight for free

Are you looking for a flight change at Spirit airlines but do not want to spend money for that? Well, the airlines provide options through which you can easily cancel your flight tickets at Spirit. However, the question that comes here in your mind would be ‘Can you change your Spirit flight for free?’ Well, the answer is yes, and here, ahead to know about all the methods through which you can change your flight schedule at Spirit Airlines.

Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy

There are some general flight change guidelines suggested by the airlines for all the general flight changes at Spirit airlines. Here are some important points related to it:

  • To save yourself from paying unnecessary flight change charges, you should keep in mind to initiate a flight change within 24 hours of your flight reservation at Spirit. When you do that, you do not need to pay any flight change penalty to the airlines.
  • If the Spirit airlines changes or cancels your flight schedule, you are eligible to change your existing flight to some other Spirit airlines without paying any extra charges.
  • After the passage of the risk-free period (24 hours), you have to pay specific flight change charges to the airlines that depend on the route of your journey and the time left in your flight departure.

Under certain serious incidents like medical emergencies or death, you can inform the airlines and ask them to change your flight schedule at Spirit Airlines.

How can you change your flight at Spirit Airlines for free

Since now you are aware of the flight change policy at Spirit Airlines, you might want to know Can you change your Spirit flight for free? Well, if you want to know about the ways through which you can do it, here are they:

  • Try to change your Spirit Airlines flight within the risk-free period of 24 hours. You can change your flight for free within this period.
  • Buy refundable tickets to get a refund even when you change or cancel your tickets after the risk-free period at Spirit.
  • You can change your flight for free when the Spirit airlines themselves change the flight schedule due to technical issues, or bad weather, etc.
  • If there is any incident of death of the passengers, you can change your flight without paying any change penalty at Spirit.

When the reasons are unavoidable and situations are uncontrollable, you have to change your plans no matter what. However, with the above information, you can easily change your flight schedule and plans without spending a penny. Now, you can resolve your ‘can you change your Spirit flight for free?’ query with ease. For more information regarding the same, contact the Spirit Airlines customer support services.


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