Are alcoholic drinks is completely free on Delta International Flights

Delta Airlines – is commonly known as Delta is one of the major American airlines which has its headquarter based in Hartsfield- Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia, one of the major points to consider is that It is the oldest airline still operating in United States . In order to experience the airlines one has fly through it and get the booking for the same done either by the online booking or through the agent and other way around is by calling the Delta airlines phone number. There is couple of services that the airlines offer in order to make the flight comfortable for the traveler such as offering drinks and the frequent flyer programe is called Sky miles.

Are alcoholic drinks is completely free on Delta international flights – Alcohol is free in first and economy class and it is interesting to know that Delta was one of the first airlines to offer complimentary beer and wine in the flight , considering that the flight is long than 4 hours . Delta Airline was the first one to set the lead and the others followed the same.

If the individual wants to check if the alcohol served will be free of cost, it can be done with the airlines and one need to check if there is DeltaOne service instead of standard first class the reason being if it is DeltaOne service then the individual will be offered alcohol free at the 30,000 feet. If the individual feels that one is baffled about something and wants to seek clarification then can call the Delta airlines phone number and seek the expert advice in order to travel with relaxed mind.

Flights which offer free alcohol include all flights from the USA to Asia , Europe , Intra – Asia and many South American flights as well.

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