How do i change picture on Facebook Messenger

Simple step by step process to change picture on Facebook messenger

If you are a facebook user and you have started using the messenger application on your device then you may be facing lot many trouble regarding the working procedure or the feature of the messenger and in that case its always recommended to contact the support team from the company.

If you feel like how do i change picture on facebook messenger then you are onto the right page since here the simple steps to do are explained below in the proper manner:-

  • here you need to open the messenger window,
  • followed by clicking on the messenger
  • after that you have to select the option of the my display image
  • now you need to navigate down of the page and there you need to click on the share my picture option
  • followed by clicking on the select option, now just select any of the built in pictures and
  • then you have to click on the ok button
  • if you want to add any pic from your system then
  • you can click on the browse option and select a picture followed by pressing the ok button.
  • So this is the simple way to change the picture on the messenger

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